We hope you’ve had a lovely holiday season filled with love, support, and merriment! But with 2019 knocking on our doorstep, it’s time to groan about setting New Year’s resolutions. Ugh!     

When it comes to setting and keeping resolutions, the statistics are pretty grim. According to the data, a whopping 80 percent of us give up on our annual goals by the time February rolls around—yikes! Well, we want YOU to succeed at your goals, so here are 3 tips for setting healthy, successful resolutions this year (plus, a FREE chart to help you get there)…

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1. Set short term, realistic goals.  

Don’t just try to make a year-long goal. That’s a recipe for exhaustion and failure. Instead, aim to make a small, realistic lifestyle shift within a very specific window of time. While it generally takes a minimum of 21 days to adopt a new habit, it really takes anywhere between 60 to 90 days for a new habit to really stick. So, aim to practice your habit for a solid 12 weeks. Don’t expect instant results once January is over. Give yourself time to adapt.

2. Be patient with yourself.

Don’t give up if you briefly fall off the wagon. The hardest and most crucial part is to pick up where you left off and keep working towards your goal. Perfection is not a prerequisite for success. Keep chugging towards your goal in spite of the setbacks—and try to keep a lid on the self-deprecation. Remember, you’re doing something wonderful!

3. Join a community.

Sure, you can do it by yourself, but the science doesn’t lie. We are significantly more successful at accomplishing our goals when we have the support of a community. Having a group of people who are sharing the same types of triumphs and struggles can be the accountability we need to get ourselves into gear and stick with it.

In fact, if you’re resolving to clean up your diet and health this January, join our Worldwide 7 Day Just Juice Fast (January 7th-14th)! It’s a great way to clean out your system, kickstart your health, and enjoy lots of encouraging support from a global fasting community. Co-lead by us, raw foods superchef Jenny Ross, and special guest Jonny Juicer, it’s sure to be a blast—plus it’s totally FREE! You deserve to experience greater wellness in 2019. Learn more and sign up right here.

Let’s Juice!

No matter what your resolution this January, we want you to succeed at your 2019 wellness goals, which is why we designed a minimalist habit calendar specially for you!

Just print it out, hang it in your kitchen/office/bathroom/bedroom, and mark a block with a nice, satisfying “X” each consecutive day you practice a habit. During the 90 day journey, you’ll have a nice visual representation of the progress you’re making, which can make a real difference when the going gets tough.

Print out your free habit calendar by clicking here. And remember—all it takes is 90 days to improve yourself. Let go of expectations and perfectionism and be patient with yourself. You’ve got this.

Wishing you all a sproutful new year!

Ari & Noah Meyerowitz