We are sooooooo excited to share this live world-wide 7 Day Just Juice cleanse with you! Here is our official schedule for the upcoming worldwide program:

Saturday Live Welcome Session featuring program outline review, helpful tools for a successful experience and live q & a with your hosts! 10am-11am PST

January 7-14: 7 Day Just Juice Cleanse!
– with ongoing support in our facebook group , daily email and during our online live events! All live events will be posted on the facebook page after the event and the links will be emailed to you.

Monday 5pm PST: Live with Sprout Brothers- Day 1 juicing inspiration live q+ a, juicing know how workshop and community support

Tuesday 5pm PST Live with chef Jenny Ross- Day 2 juicing inspiration live q +a and juice nutrition workshop

Wednesday 5pm PST Live with SPECIAL GUEST Jonny Juicer!

Friday 5pm PST Group Chat with your hosts Ari and Noah Meyerowitz and Jenny Ross

Monday 5pm PST Post Juicing next steps workshop

You will be receiving you program outline journal and shopping guide tomorrow. In the meantime please join our closed facebook group and share with us who you are and what you hope to take away from our time together!

Here is the direct link for the facebook group! Ask to join and we will add you in ASAP!

Make sure to open the guide materials tomorrow so you can get started with the pre-program suggested foods this weekend! We look forward to juicing, learning and GROWING with you!! 

Your Hosts,
Jenny, Ari and Noah!