DEAR SPROUTMAN: I am reading your Food Combining and Digestion book on page 51 you say “avoid cold pressed oils which can involve the use of of chemical solvents even though there is no heat.” Since “Unrefined” and “cold pressed oils” are the most nutritious, I am not sure whether you are advising cold pressed oils or not. I’d appreciate it if you clarify it. – Seher Azazi

DEAR SEHER: Manufacturers use semantics to present the best impression of their products. There is such a thing as “cold pressing” and also “cold processing.” The processing usually means they are using chemicals. However, chemicals can also be used in cold pressing. As long as there is no heat the statement is still true, right? The bottom line is that cold pressing is not NECESSARILY a “natural” or an “organic” technique. Unless there are new regulations that I am not aware of, manufacturers can use these terms as they wish. It all boils down to this: which brand to you most trust? Choose a company that you like, check their practices, and one you trust them stick with their products.