DEAR SPROUTMAN: I have a question regarding storing wheatgrass juice. Right now I do not have my own juicer, unfortunately. However, I have a friend that has a Omega 8005. I’m growing wheatgrass at my house and then I go to her’s to juice it. I was wondering if I juice a 10 by 20 inch tray and juice it all at once can I store the juice (12 oz) in a mason jar in my refrigerator for 3-4 days? If you have a chance please respond and let me know. Thanks for the help. – Greg

DEAR GREG: I can help you for store it for 24-48 hours, but beyond that the only way to save the juice is to freeze it. I recommend using an ice cube tray covered with a plastic bag to reduce oxygen. To store wheatgrass juice within 24-48 hours fill a small glass jar up to the top with the juice, so there is very little room for oxygen. Chill the juice in the freezer to a temp between 33-40 degrees Fahrenheit. When returning it to the refrigerator and make sure the fridge is at 40 degrees or less.