Dear Sproutman,
I just ordered Dr. Wheatgrass antioxidant skin recovery cream for my Mom.  She has been suffering with a fissure for a year now and just recently had Botox therapy…which at this point is not helping with the pain.  Does this product do what everyone is saying it does?  I’m hoping for a miracle here…since I can’t see her suffering anymore.  Any advice? —Caroline, Westfield, NJ

Dear Caroline,
This product has helped many others with the same condition. But as you may realize, everybody is different and there are no guarantees. With any type of skin condition, I would not depend entirely on any one thing. Miracles are rare. But this is one of the best products out there for anal fissures or any fissures. So best of luck. Hope at the very least, it makes Mom more comfortable, and do give a shout if it does any better.—Sproutman