A properly chilled 36 degree F. smoothie. Note how it is filled all the way to the top. No space for oxygen deterioration.

How can I take my Smoothies to Work? Do I need to drink them Right Away?

Dear Sproutman,
Since I’m at work all day, can I make the smoothies in the A.M. and take them to work or do they have to be made and drunk right away?

Dear Melanie,
You should bottle your drinks, chill them, and take them to work in a portable cold bag. Or refrigerate them at work if you can. If properly chilled, they don’t need to be drunk right away. Of course, the fresher the better, but the deterioration process is pretty slow and it is sufficiently stabilized by cold.

Here’s what I do. I fill my jar up to the top so there is no gap for oxygen. Oxygen will start the process of oxidation which is essentially aging. So, fill your jar to the top as you see in the photo. Then chill it for 15-30 minutes in the freezer to a temperature just above freezing—about 3°C or 37°F.  Then put it in your cold pack and bring it to work. This has excellent staying power. The factors that age food are temperature, light, and air. Protect against these and you will increase longevity of all your food.