Here at Sprout Brothers HQ, we make a big pitcher of fresh cold pressed juice everyday at lunchtime. And to be honest, it’s one of the best parts of our day. It sets us up for a feel-good, productive afternoon, like a jolt of caffeine without the crash.

But sometimes, we get lazy—we’re human, after all! It’s on those days that we have to remind ourselves why we take the time and effort to make juice. Maybe they’ll inspire you, too. Here are the pillars we juice by…

1. We can ALL benefit from more greens.

Have you heard of a diet that tells you to limit your veggie intake? NO! Eating plant foods is undeniably healthful, and juicing is one of the best ways to load your body with all those nourishing phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins.

But wait a second! Just because you are juicing doesn’t mean you should stop eating your veggies—especially your nutrient-packed sprouts! Fresh produce is the foundation of a healthy diet. Unless we’re fasting (an entirely different subject), we use our daily juices as a way to supercharge and supplement our fruit and vegetable intake, not replace it.

2. Juice has powerful therapeutic value.

We say it all the time: good juice is power fuel. Not only does juicing allow us to jam pack our diets with the juice equivalent of pounds and pounds of veggies and fruits, but the body doesn’t have to work to digest juice. That means all those good nutrients get easily absorbed into the body, where they can have a truly profound impact on disease prevention and healing.

The antioxidant activity of fresh juices alone can counteract the free radical damage caused by years of stress, poor lifestyle choices, and disease. Here are just a few interesting bits of research on the healing benefits of fresh juice…

  • Fresh juices have been shown to improve the bacterial diversity of the microbiome in the gut, a system that is becoming increasingly realized as crucial for good health.

  • Kale juice can be powerful in reducing heart disease risk in those with high cholesterol.

  • And along with a generally healthy lifestyle, juicing can even help those with mood disorders like anxiety or depression find relief.

Adding a daily juice to your diet is like a shot of pure, vibrant wellness, and a tasty one at that. On that note…

3. We make great tasting juices—especially green ones!

A lot of people seem to think that the healthiest juices inherently taste very ‘green’ and undesirable, but that isn’t true at all. We make plenty of veggie-heavy concoctions that taste refreshing, subtly sweet, and not at all unpleasant. Like recipe-crafting, juice-making is a science that anyone can master.

Our secret? When we’re crafting our daily juices, we are cautious to keep them balanced—not too sweet with fruit sugars, but definitely not too green or bitter. (Pro tip: Lemon is your best friend when making tasty, low-sugar, high-nutrient green juices.)

Do you regularly make green juices that are really unpleasant to drink? All is not lost! Keep at it! If you need a little inspiration, here is our favorite green juice recipe to keep you nourished and energized all summer long…


Make this in a slow juicer for most flavorful results.

  • 1 whole stalk of Celery
  • 3/4 to 1 whole Lemon
  • 1 bulb of Fennel
  • 1 whole Apple (We like Green Granny Smith…)
  • 4-6 leaves of Collards (Swiss Chard, Kale, etc.)
  • + a bit of a habanero pepper for a kick!

Makes 12-16 ounces depending on produce. Organic only, please!