The Anti-Diabetic Diet

Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.

~ Hippocrates

What is Raw Food?

A Raw Food Diet is a strict diet where the only food eaten is plant food that has not been cooked above 118 degrees Fahrenheit, processed, artificially manufactured, or altered in anyway. When food is cooked, a large percentage of the proteins, vitamins, and minerals are degraded.

What is Diabetes?

The American Medical Association says, “Diabetes is a chronic disease that has no cure.”

Diabetes is a condition in which the body does not know how to properly use and store sugar (glucose). As a result, the bloodstream gets clogged with too much sugar. The body regulates sugar in the blood with insulin that secretes from the Pancreas. But when that supply dries up, the body converts the excess sugar to fat, making it difficult to control your weight and appetite.

There are two types of Diabetes. Ten to twenty percent of people with Diabetes have Type I. In Type I people produce little to no insulin. Most people with Type I are not overweight, but look perfectly healthy, and are normally active. People with Type I are usually born with it or develop it at a young age. Type I can appear more mild than Type II, but they both make you dependent on drugs and insulin. The other type of Diabetes is Type II. Eighty to ninety percent of people with Diabetes have Type II. People with type II are usually severely overweight, and inactive. Type II is severe and can cause long term complications, such as: High Blood Pressure, Fatty Liver, and High Triglycerides, which are all known collectively as The Metabolic Syndrome.

The Two Approaches – The Ups & Downs

There are two approaches to treating Diabetes. One is the mainstream approach which is the route that most people take. There is however an alternative route – the Raw Food Diet.

When following the mainstream approach, the person will typically end up on drugs and insulin for life. This can have dramatic financial, health, and longevity impacts.

Those who choose the alternate approach, will need to take the time to make a commitment to their health. Being on a Raw Food diet can cost up to $500 dollars per/month, varying of course by the cost of vegetables and fruits in your area. But the benefits of the Raw Food diet can be felt quickly. Bear in mind that most likely you won’t spend the rest of your life on raw food, however you’ll be inspired to alter your overall eating habits.

Does the Alternative Approach Work? 

The alternative approach was most recently proven when raw foodist and medical doctor, Gabriel Cousens, founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Padagonia, Arizona, brought together a group of six people. Some with Type I and some with Type II. He invited them to come to Arizona to spend thirty days on a Raw Food diet. The people with Type II were overweight, had high blood pressure, and were on high doses of insulin. One person’s glucose count was dangerously close to 1200. A healthy Glucose count is between 80-100. A standard diabetic can be anywhere from 450-1200 and at 1200 you risk death. At the end of the thirty-days their glucose was back in the 600 range. They were active, and lost a large amount of weight. Some of them were able to get off insulin fully and others to drastically reduce their intake dosage, including the people with Type I.

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